Consciously Thinking Into Results

You've already accomplished so much in your life, but something is  holding you back from getting to the next level
In YOUR 6 month coaching journey with Janeen, you’ll learn
 strategies to move you to the next level of excellence, break through the block that is holding you back so you can move to the next level and start loving your life even more

A life you’ve always known you were meant to live.

In addition to working with Janeen, you will have access to wisdom and teachings from Bob Proctor, one of the greatest teachers in human potential and growth.

Do ANY of these sound like you? 

- You’ve got the education and have had great success so far but you are ready to move to the next level

- You’re a high performer living a good life but you’re feeling there is something more that I need to do

- You feel that there must be more to life than how you’re currently living

- You see others happy in their relationships and wish you could be loving and happy in your relationships too?
If you’re like most of my clients, your answer is probably “Yes” to one or maybe even all of the above
You also know its possible to be happy, have the perfect relationship, have the perfect job.

Why? You have seen others getting great success…but, you’re just not completely sure its possible for YOU!

The good news for you is that it is possible. 
I’ve never had a client that feels ready when they meet me. That’s when I teach them to let go of the logical mind for a moment. 

Why? Because the one thing that is required for change is a radical change in your thinking. 

We get you to start THINKING INTO RESULTS! 
Together, we will get you to wipe out your limiting beliefs…

“I’m not good enough.”

“So and so is better than me, I can’t do that, I might as well give up now.”

“If I get it wrong, what will people think of me. I might as well not try.”

“If I don’t do that my partner won’t love me.”

And one day soon, we are going to be celebrating your perfection unleashed, the CONFIDENT YOU!

In order to overcome these limiting beliefs, 
its going to require serious commitment from you. 

Not a commitment to me, but a commitment to YOU!

Remember that you are your most valuable asset. 

To ensure that you are appreciating in value, it is important that you commitment and invested in your success! 

You are worth it!

In addition to a commitment to yourself, you are also going to require:

1) clear direction 
2) accountability

#1 Clear Direction

When you bake a cake the first thing you start with is the recipe. The recipe gives you clear directions on the ingredients, utensils etc. that are required. 

You then follow the instructions on how to mix the ingredients, how long to bake it for and viola, you have an amazing cake!

It's an easy, step-by-step and a repeatable process to enjoy an amazing cake.

How would it feel if you had a step-by-step process that shows you how to become a CONFIDENT YOU?

 That gives you clear instructions on how you can start living a life you love with purpose and passion? That gets you to start THINKING INTO RESULTS? That is repeatable and works every time?
If you’re saying “Yes, Janeen, I’m ready!” It’s time to take action to your success!

#2 Accountability

How may times have you purchased a program to help you achieve a goal, got all excited and after a few weeks into it you got stuck or bored and just threw in the towel?

Or how many times have you decided to work on overcoming your limiting beliefs on your own? 

You were focused and energized for a few weeks but then something happened, and you felt lost 
and alone again? 

There was no one to turn to for support and you decided to just give up. It seems hopeless!

How would it feel if you had someone walking you through Thinking Into Results every step of the way? Keeping you accountable? Challenging you to become the BEST version of YOU possible? Cheering you on all the way? If you’re saying “Yes, Janeen, I’m ready!” 

 It’s time to take action to your success.

WHEN YOU FINALLY HAVE A PROVEN SYSTEM THAT HELPS RESET YOUR MINDSET to be CONFIDENT in ALL areas of your life and Janeen to keep you accountable and get you to the finish line, you’re all SET

Meet Janeen Sam, mindset coach and co-founder of SamKabwe Consulting & CASA Conscious living.

Janeen is a qualified accountant who as always been known to be a high performer 
and positive thinker. 

Janeen’s desire has always been to help others, motivating and encouraging them to tap into the potential within themselves. 

However, before she rediscovered her passion, Janeen took a detour. Studied accounting and went to work in the corporate world and 
let go of her dream. 

Thank goodness, the desire still remained within and when Janeen finally remembered that the answer is always within, in addition to wanting to fulfill her purpose rather than just live from paycheque to paycheque, she made a decision to leave her 9 to 5 to become an entrepreneur and co-founded an accounting firm. 

That was still not enough and Janeen continued to study herself to understand her own power within. When she did, she rediscovered her purpose!

Today Janeen helps people to Think into Results so they can be free, be true to themselves, 
and start living a life they love with 
CONFIDENCE, purpose, and passion.
Are you READY???

To CREATE a SELF IMAGE that you love?!
Master your Mindset to take CONTROL of your RESULTS?
Build CONFIDENCE in ALL areas of your life? where you thought you never could!


What will you get working with Janeen?

You get:

- Step-by-step guidance on what to do – Thinking Into Results - no guess work required
- Accountability to keep you on track and committed to your success! Bi-weekly group coaching with Janeen.


An exceptionally designed program presented in 12 relevant, simple and practical steps, to ensure that the success mindset becomes a part of your thinking and actions. This leads to the results you wants most in life.

Here's What You Will Learn: 

Lesson One: Worthy Ideal
Principle: Goal Setting and Achieving
Benefits: Explains how to set and achieve goals that promote quantum leaps. Also teaches the process of setting and achieving team/family goals. Individuals set goals that inspire them, which helps to move them forward. Individuals are motivated and see themselves as a part of something bigger.

Lesson Two: Knowing/Doing Gap
Principle: Return on Investment
Benefits: Most training gives individuals information on how to do their job or earn more money, but it seldom results in better results because their paradigm keeps them from acting on what they know. Thinking Into Results helps individuals implement what they already know and changes their behavior to close the gap between what they know and what they actually do.

Lesson Three: Infinite Mind
Principle: Productivity and Efficiency
Benefits: Individuals will replace their non-productive habits with productive habits and become more efficient and productive in their job/business and other areas of life.

Lesson Four: The Secret Genie
Principle: Peak performance of individuals
Benefits: Teaches how the mind works. Individuals take a close look at their daily habitual actions to see where they can become more productive. Individuals can break from past results and habitual behaviors to reach peak performance.
Lesson Five: Thinking Into Results
Principle: Innovation and proactive thinking
Benefits: Teaches people how to think and how to analyze their thinking. Helps them realize past results are a reflection of past thinking and to change what they are getting they have to change their thinking. Helps individuals develop creative, innovative solutions to problems to increase success and happiness.

Lesson Six: Environment is but Our Looking Glass
Principle: Creating a winning self-image
Benefits: Individuals will understand that to be more productive and successful they have to change their image of themselves. They focus less on their past results and what others are doing and more on what they are capable of achieving.

Lesson Seven: Trample the Terror Barrier
Principle: Overcoming barriers to success
Benefits: Individuals gain an understanding of their fears and taking action in spite of those fears. As individuals overcome their fears they become more productive and forward thinking, and realize more of their potential.

Lesson Eight: The Power of Praxis
Principle: Aligning actions and results with the individual's vision
Benefits: Individuals can see the connection between their beliefs and behavior. When they change from non-productive to productive actions, their results can then match their vision and goals. They create the results they are capable of creating.

Lesson Nine: The Magic Word
Principle: The attitude and mindset of a highly-successful individual
Benefits: Gives a very complete definition of attitude. Other programs may talk about the importance of having a good attitude, but this lesson explains what it is and how to change it. The result is focused individuals that have their thoughts, beliefs, and actions aligned so that they are more productive and efficient. They learn the way to create a positive attitude regardless of the situation.

Lesson Ten: The Most Valuable Person
Principle: Effective Leadership
Benefits: Helps individuals develop qualities of leadership in addition to being able to also be a good follower. Emphasizes the creation of a positive environment where individuals are appreciated for who they are and the work they do.

Lesson Eleven: Leaving Everyone with the Impression of Increase
Principle: Success through service
Benefits: Emphasizes giving with no expectation of return. service to others. Individuals are encouraged to do more and give more than expected. As a result of this lesson. individuals will look for ways to make everyone they come in contact with feel valued and appreciated.

Lesson Twelve: Magnifying the Mind
Principle: Problem Solving
Benefits: Other programs show how to make incremental changes. This program lays out the steps for a quantum leap, leading to dramatic results in performance. Individuals are shown ways to sustain success so they keep getting better and better at what they are doing. Magnifying the Mind results in individuals that are focused and empowered with unprecedented increases in performance.

Let’s take a look at your options:

The pain of taking action or the pain of regret.

Scenario 1 (keep doing what you are doing)

You keep trying to put the pieces together on your own, spinning your wheels, with no structure, no support and you stay stuck.


Scenario 2

You start Thinking into Results with Janeen where you learn to Master Your Mindset 
with a proven system and accountability that will keep you on track 
to unleash the CONFIDENT YOU!


Choose the THINK INTO RESULTS with Janeen Plan 
That’s Right For You
I invite you to join me in the
Consciously Thinking Into Results Program
Here’s everything you’ll get with THINKING INTO RESULTS with Janeen in the

12 REPEATABLE steps to achieve YOUR dream or goal or desire (Access for life)
Bi-weekly group coaching call with Janeen (6 months)
Monthly one-on-one 15-minute coaching calls with Janeen (6 months)
Still on the fence?
"Working with Janeen has helped strengthen my mindset to break through barriers and fears that held me back from moving ahead in many areas of my life. She helped open my mind to possibilities limited only by my own beliefs. By no means is it easy but with daily persistent application, I have moved forward and very excited for my future.”  
“Take that leap of faith. Invest in you. I invested in me and it’s the best investment I have ever done in my life. Invest in yourself. You will never regret it, you will only come out being a strong independent human being who will know their direction in life, who will know what their goals in life are. Who will know how to trust their inner Self, their inner God. And the inner God will never let you down. Your intuition is there for a reason. It speaks the truth to you.”
“Thinking into Results has helped me in many ways. But I would say the biggest impact it has had is giving me a level of confidence that I never had before. I’m really altering the way I look at things” 
One more thing…

Mastering your Mindset to create a CONFIDENT you means you’ll have to say good bye to your limiting beliefs (YAY) and start living a life you love (YAY). 

Start living YOUR life filled with PURPOSE and PASSION.

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. You Unwrap the gift of YOU…your gift of a CONFIDENT and HAPPY YOU! A WIN-WIN all around.

Remember: Taking no action is a decision you make to keep struggling. Just like it’s a decision to Mastering your Mindset to Create a Confident YOU.
What’s included in Thinking Into Results with Janeen?
✓ Thinking Into Results - 12 REPEATABLE steps to achieve YOUR dream or goal or desire (Access for life)
✓ Bi-weekly group coaching call with Janeen (6 months)
✓ Monthly one-on-one 15-minute coaching call with Janeen (6 months)

Who is Thinking Into Results with Janeen for?
If you are looking to create a MINDSET for SUCCESS in your professional or personal life. Or you want to start living with more purpose and passion then Thinking Into Results with Janeen is for you!
Will Thinking Into Results with Janeen work for me if I have limited time?
Yes. If you want to learn how to free up more time, then you will want to start Thinking Into Results immediately!
How much time will I need to spend on working on Thinking Into Results?
The daily time commitment is about 60 minutes a day. But let me warn you…once you get started you are going to love it so much that you are going to want to be spending more time studying YOU and you are going to even have time to spare!
How long is Thinking Into Results with Janeen?
The Coaching program is for 6 months. If you would like to continue beyond that you can speak to the team for available options.
Will I have lifetime access to Thinking Into Results?
Yes you will have lifetime access to the online recordings.
How is this Thinking Into Results different to other programs?
Thinking Into Results has been exceptionally designed to integrate thinking and actions. Knowledge on its own is worthless unless a person takes action. Furthermore, having Janeen to keep you accountable and on track will help move you to where you want to be. 

Choose to the THINK INTO RESULTS with Janeen Plan That’s Right For You

Best Value
 One Payment of US $9800
[Pay in Full]
 *A 10% Savings*

Most Flexible
Five monthly payments of US $2200

Get Started Today by Booking a Clarity Call!

While we provide highest and best services as provided by the scope of the agreement, as with any program, SamKabwe Consulting is unable to make promises or guarantees with respect to any outcome from participation in Thinking Into Results with Janeen and therefore we cannot and do not guarantee success or any specific level of success. You understand that ultimately you are responsible for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. We feel transparency is important, and we hold ourselves (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. Thats why we also put our disclaimers on all our pages, why we give you our contact information for any questions. Thank you for stopping by

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